Announcement: Hercules Diet – What You Need to Know

WTF is The Rock’s Hercules Diet?

Hercules Diet Work Out Regime

Are you a little intrigued by the term – Hercules Diet? Well, you should not be.  Hercules Diet is in the lime light because of the courtesy of the famed Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson (or The Rock). The famed Hollywood actor is working out hard and solely depending on this particular dietary plan in order to play the role of Hercules, the demigod and the Son of Zeus. The term represents the essence of a very specific kind of a dietary plan which is massive or rather colossal in nature. If you make a foray into this particular diet pattern then initially it might seem to be an impossible kind of a regimen. However, if you really need to know all about this particularly nutritional as well as dietetic plans then you definitely need to delve deep into the vital aspects related to it.

What is It All About?

As the name suggests, Hercules Diet is indeed a colossal dietetic menu which the ordinary people can’t even dream of devouring in. would you like to take a peep into what it consists? Well, how about starting with statement that the menu incorporates warm as well as fresh blood of Nemean Lion.

Why This Hercules Diet?

The Rock is all slated to don a new avatar for his titular role in the upcoming flick –Hercules: The Thracian Wars. He is going to play the role of a Demy God. Demy Gods are known to be colossal, massive and enormous. Therefore, the character of Hercules demanded the 41 year old Hollywood star to be at his enormous best so that he could do justice to the role he is going to play. This is the reason for roping in such an impressive as well as an almost impossible kind of a dietary plan. According to the veteran action star the diet really works. It has already started giving its positive outcomes. Hopefully you are going to appreciate the effectiveness of the diet as you see the new era Hercules unleashing his powers on the screens with the release of Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

The famed professional wrestler turned actor had always been of some sort of gigantic proportions. He was freakishly huge since the days when he used to rule the rings of WWF tournaments. However, nowadays he has turned even bulkier than ever. Thanks to the Hercules Diet.

Hercules Diet Training

22-Week Regimen

This particular diet is specifically meant to be carried on for a time span of 22 weeks. In a rendezvous The Rock divulged the fact himself that he is going to be under the regimen for a time span of 22 weeks. During this time span he is going to make it sure that he follows the diet verbatim.

Ingredients of the Dietary Plan

Now’ let’s come to the most interesting part of the discussion. Let us make it a point to lift the veil from the dietary plan. Let us see and explore what it actually contains. You bet that you are almost not going to believe what you are going to explore.

The plan is also ascribed as the diet for 12 labors. Based on this particular dietetic plan The Rock is about to consume 7 meals per day. Can you believe it? Let’s make a probe into each of the meal types

Meal 1- Meal 1 consists of egg whites (4 in number), oat meal (5 oz), and wheat creams

Meal 2- Meal 2 consists of white rice ( 2 measured cups), broccoli (1 cup) as well as chicken ( 8 oz).

Meal 3- Meal 3 consists of white rice ( 2 measured cups), asparagus (1 cup only) as well as halibut ( 8 oz).

Meal 4- Meal 4 consists of baked potato (12 oz), broccoli (1 cup) as well as chicken ( 8 oz).

Meal 5 – Meal 5 consists of halibut ( 8 oz), asparagus (1 cup only) as well as white rice (1.5 cups only).

Meal 6 – Meal 6 consists of baked potato as well as salad ( in balanced proportions). It also comprises filet weighing 8 oz.

Meal 7- Meal 7 consists of Casein protein (30 grams),

However, Hercules Diet is not only about just eating. The Rock has to shed great deal of sweat in some real actions in order to complement the dietary plan. He has to spend enormous amount of time in the gym and get himself busy in strenuous workout schedules.  This is essential if he has to get the most out of the freakishly enormous diet regimen.

It is evident the meals as well as the Herculean efforts of the famed actor is not going to go in vain. When you get to catch him in action in theaters you will hopefully experience that the big guy from Fast & Furious: Fast Five is going to flaunt an even bigger, fiercer and meaner look this time. So, after you have unfurled all about the Hercules Diet would you care to give it a try?

How Can You Achieve Similar Result?

Obviously if you are like me, aside of the meal plan, you start to think, “What can I do to have a great body shape just like The Rock?” There are many products and training offers out there which claim can burn your fat, build your muscle, boost your metabolism, and make you a lean mean machine. I have listed several training you can consider to get a nice looking body. Here they are:

1. Truth About Abs

Truth About Abs

Truth About Abs is a six-pack abs program invented by Mike Geary, a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. He doesn’t claim about overnight result using his program but he says his method will certainly bring result for people who work hard and follow all the instructions provided in his training. It comes with 60-day money back guarantee so you can always try and refund it if you don’t feel it doesn’t bring any value.

2. Muscle Maximizer

Muscle Maximizer

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer is a muscle building and fat burning program created by Kyle Leon. With the unique approach of body specialization, the program offers different nutrient intake and weight different training regime for different body type. The creator even says it’s impossible not to get any result with his method and offer 100% guarantee if you are not satisfied with his method.

3. Body Beast Workout

Body Beast

Champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev, created this Body Beast workout program which is intended to build the muscle strength without expensive gym equipments or harmful steroids. With this bodybuilding techniques, he claims you can pack up to about 20 pounds of pure muscle in 90 days as long as you are committed with this training. There is even a 90-day money back guarantee (minus s&h).

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